Fixed My Lumbar Support

Today I decided to take apart and fix the lower lumbar support on my 2010 Subaru Outback.

Step 1. Cut the strap holding the seat cover (I’m sure it can come off without being cut but…)

Step 2. Unscrew the seat cover.

Step 3. Put off cover.

Step 4. Locate the broken clasp.

Step 5. Finds “new” clasp, or in this case a key ring.

Step 6. Install clasp.

Note that the clasp connects to the seat frame and the eye loop of the lumbar cable.  Put the felt cover over the clasp, and put your seat back together.  i tied a knot in the strap and looped it over a seat spring got get it to function like before.  Total time 20 minutes, and don’t be afraid to muscle the seat around to make room to work.